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Zimmy returns for another 15 minures of fame & fortune

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Now Zimmerman is peddling his painting of a Confederate Flag, on which he has written "The 2nd protects the 1st".
This was apparently an unknown part of the Constitution of the Confederate States of America.

There is also some shooting range owner who has declared his gun range "Muslim-free".
Rather like Hitler's slogan to make the Reich "Judenfrei"?
What if a "GOOD Muslim" wants to learn how to shoot so he can go to Syria or Iraq and blast away at BAD Muslims.
It is probably true that the only way to eliminate the bad Muslims of Isis and their guns is to have Good Muslims with guns to shoot them. I think there are too many of them to wipe them out with drones.

Well, those Good Muslims will just have to train elsewhere. Zimmy's pal has declared his firing range "Muslim free" (Moslimfrei). Raus!, Mach schnell!

Well okay, it is perfectly legal to buy, own and display Zimmerman's Rebel flag. It was also legal to sell the original of this Great Masterpiece on E Bay for $100,000.

One wonders what sort of moron would pay that much for it, though.

But now Zimmy has found a way to support himself without actually holding a job that pays even better than his former dream job of being a cop.


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