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useful device for our safety

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When there are too many cell phones, it comes the problem of cell phone noisy. To get us out of cell phone noisy, we need cell phone jammer. But what is cell phone jammer, what can it do for us? In general, cell phone jammer is a kind of new technology device that could be used to jam the signal of cell phone from the base station. As every one has cell phone now, cell phone jammer is widely used in all kinds of places where cell phones are not welcome, from meeting room, conference room, church, examination room,library, theater, concert, gas station to government, military area and so on.


In school, with the help of cell phone jammers, the cheating problems are solved, which ensures the equity in student exams. When a cell phone jammer is turned on in church,theater, court, conference room, library, it can prevent cell phone from receiving signals, which maintains absolute silence. As is known to us, using cell phones in the gas station may be dangerous, when cell phone jammers applied in gas stations, they can block cell phone signals so as to ensure the safety in the gas station. They are also necessities of government and military field, which can also be seen as the guarantee of military security.


First, it comes our universal cell phone blocker. It has compact size that is slightly bigger than a standard IPOD. With a built-in heat dissipative design, this mini cell phone jammer will not generate an undue amount of heat. It can run on AC power, battery power or recharging from AC charger (110/220V). It can block the signals in a range of 15 meters. What makes it the best-selling cell phone jammer? The price maybe also an important factor. It cost you less than 80 dollars, everyone could afford to buy this cheap but perfect cell phone jammer.


On the other hand, we also offer high power cell phone jammer and professional cell phone jammer for special purpose. In the next, we want to introduce you our 70W high power cell phone jammer with Omni- directional Antenna. It can block all kinds of cell phone signals. With the AC adapter, it can work continuously with a total output power of 70W. Besides, its built-in cooling fan enables it to have the good heat dissipation. Equipped with Omni-directional Antenna, it can jamming signal from all directions and its jamming range can reach up 1000 meters.


Hope you like the jammers we offer. If you are interested in the above two jammers, if you want to know more about them, or if you want to know more other jammers, you are welcome to come to our website. Our company is a professional jammer supplier that offers the most advanced cell phone jammers at the most reasonable price. At last, we have to mention that there may be law problem for buying or using cell phone signal jammer. Cell phone signal jammers may not be permissible to import into certain countries due to licensing of broadcast signals or other restrictions. Please check your countrys telecommunications regulations before placing an order. Besides of cell phone jammers, we also offer many other kinds of jammers, like GPS jammers, wifi jammers, mobile phone jammers, bluetooth jammers and so on.

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So your user name went from SKY One to Sky Three. Where is spam user SKY Two?

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