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Personal Sound Amplifiers (PSA)

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Personal Sound Amplifiers (PSA)
Hearing aids are very expensive, typically from $3000 to $6000 a pair.
But some people might postpone wearing them, for many year.
I describe this alternative at my university website:
Feel free to share this short essay with others.
Comments will be appreciated.
Ludwik Kowalski (see Wikipedia)


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Couldn't get the article. What's the gist of it?


I wore a pair of expensive PSAs on a trial basis. I gave them back. Extraneous, amplified noises nearly drove me crazy..... Chairs screeching on the floors in restaurants, loud rubbing of clothing fabric against fabric, etc. Also, I still had trouble hearing people talk in crowded places because other conversations were amplified so much. My hearing loss is caused by loud tinnitus which started after proximity to artillery and rocket fire. I'm so used to the tinnitus, it doesn't bother me. But my partial hearing loss does.


These super tech hearing aids were supposed to solve all these problems. They didn't. The salesman wanted me to try them another three months but I returned them so I guess he didn't get his commission.


Fortunately, I can hear well enough to get through most situations if I pay attention and/or guess right.

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Checked the link again. It works now.


The Super Ear model SE4000 looks promising. I like the fact that the headset looks like an IPOD set. I also like that they don't go in your ear, can't fall out, and are instantly removable. You can't go too wrong at a price of $35.00.


Thanks for the tip.

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