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I read A Clock Work Orange that I bought in London...saw the movie almost as many times as The Wizard of OZ and have the poster hanging on the wall.


BTW: I love homosexuals (like I do Illegals) except the militant ones who think they are still a persecuted minority. You know...the ones who go around singing we're here, we're queer and than have a fit when (sic) Donald Trump calls them queers.









A great short novel and an outstanding movie. The ending is more fun in the movie, but I think more mature and true to life in the novel. I never read why Kubrick made the change. I know the film has an infamous history in England.

In my 20s Clockwork used to be one of my "drinking movies" along with Taxi Driver, Drugstore Cowboy, etc. I can't even say how many times I got drunk watching those flicks. The novel was highly praise by William S. Burroughs. I had a Clockwork t-shirt at one time. I also had an audio tape with Burgess reading a chapter or two of the novel. It was one of the best narrations I have ever heard.


I have nothing against homosexuals, I just don't want the country turning into a gay pride parade or an advertisement for Fire Island in the early 80s. And I feel for those trying to better themselves by immigrating. I'm only third generation off the boat myself. But unlimited immigration is problematic.

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Don't worry dude Obamacare has you covered !


Dudes Rattlesnake Selfie Ends With $153,000 Bill


By Peter Van Buren July 25, 2015


A San Diego man who was nearly killed while trying to take a selfie with a rattlesnake racked up a killer $153,000 hospital bill instead. By far the largest bite listed on the itemized bill is $83,341.25 for pharmacy. Thats because Fasslers lifesaving treatment depleted the anti-venom supplies at two local hospitals, KGTV reported. Its not clear whether Fassler has insurance and whether these are dollar amounts that he will in fact have to pay out of pocket. But the confusion over health-care pricing is common for Americans who receive bills and cant be sure where the numbers come from.


Theres currently only one commercially available anti-venom for treating venomous snakebites in the United States CroFab, manufactured by U.K.-based BTG. And with a stable market of 7,000 to 8,000 snakebite victims per year and no competitors, business is pretty good. BTGs latest annual report shows CroFab sales topped out at close $98 million dollars last fiscal year. The antivenin costs hospitals roughly $2,300 per vial, with a typical dose requiring four to six vials. In some cases multiple doses are needed, according to CroFabs promotional Web site. Fassler required multiple dosings over a five day period.


BTG has fought aggressively to keep competitors off the market. A competing product, Anavip, just received FDA approval this year and likely wont be on the market until late 2018. This lack of competition is one reason that snakebite treatments rack up such huge hospital bills. In May of this year, a snakebit Missouri man died after refusing to seek medical care, saying he couldnt afford the bill.



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More hope & change in our lives !


But as the Media Research Center's Free Speech Alliance has noted, this is not the first time FEC Chairwoman Ann Ravel, other members of the FEC, and the Obama administration have tried to regulate Internet speech. Earlier this year, you may recall, President Obama advocated for "community ownership" of broadband a collectivist, Big Government idea. On top of that we have the FCCs approval of "net neutrality" via a secret regulatory order that imposes sweeping new Internet regulations. If Ms. Ravel's slew of regulations is ultimately allowed to proceed, the Internet will no longer be the bastion of free expression and liberty that it was always been meant to be.


Attempts to police Internet political speech hamper innovation, decrease access to information necessary for a free society, and trample fundamental constitutional freedoms. Regulating free speech on the Internet is radically anti-freedom. Its a shame that the Left is insidiously attacking Internet freedom from yet another angle.


See more at: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/christian-robey/2015/07/31/here-we-go-again-fec-toys-limiting-free-speech-internet#sthash.Ho8O4Bj7.dpuf




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Yeah SloMo...dropped my Harley while unloading it ! That PIC is about 5 years old !


Wonder What Someone Would Look Like If She Tried To Swallow Crack While Being Arrested?


A Democrat who was wanted for theft tried to eat and swallow crack cocaine while being arrested by officers. Linda Blank, 48, was stopped by detectives on Cleveland Street near Dewey Avenue in Douglas, Georgia. Following her arrest she provided a striking mug shot, in which she looks somewhat dazed and confused.



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