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Liberal insanity. Yet, it's your little racist black boy that's dead...BAHAAHAHAHAA!

http://www.cnn.com/2015/07/18/politics/bernie-sanders-netroots-nation-black-lives-matter/   The demonstrators started shouting and booing again when Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley said: "Blac

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Dec. 24, 1968 Apollo 8 astronauts held a live Christmas Eve broadcast, during which they showed pictures of the Earth and Moon as seen from their spacecraft.


Americans/the world saw the first photo ever of the Earth rising above the Moon’s surface. As well as the first photo ever taken by human of the whole Earth.





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On the morning of April 21, 2016, Prince, the polymathic musician who created more than 30 albums and won seven Grammy Awards over a 40-year career, is found dead in Paisley Park, his Minnesota home and recording studio.





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Specialist Four Raymond Gonzalez Rocha
B CO, 2ND BN, 501ST INF,
Army of the United States
Hometown - Houston, TX
DOB - 1946/1/21
KIA - 1968/3/11 west of Huế
May be an image of 1 person and outdoors
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Mackadamians...could be embellished but this is a must read:
A grandson of slaves, a boy who was born in a poor neighborhood of New Orleans known as the "Back of Town." His father abandoned the family when the child was an infant. His mother became a prostitute and the boy and his sister had to live with their grandmother.  Early in life he proved to be gifted for music and with three other kids he sang in the streets of New Orleans. His first gains were coins that were thrown to them.
A Jewish family, Karnofsky, who had emigrated from Lithuania to the USA, had pity for the 7-year-old boy and brought him into their home. Initially giving 'work' in the house, to feed this hungry child.  There he remained and slept in this Jewish family's home where, for one of the first times in his life, he was treated with kindness and tenderness.
When he went to bed, Mrs. Karnovsky sang him a Russian lullaby that he would sing with her. Later, he learned to sing and play several Russian and Jewish songs. Over time, this boy became like an adopted son of this family.
The Karnofskys gave him money to buy his first musical instrument, as was the custom in the Jewish families.  They sincerely admired his musical talent. Later, when he became a professional musician and composer, he used Jewish melodies in some of his compositions.
The young black boy grew up and wrote a book about this Jewish family who had adopted him in 1907.  In memory of this family, and until the end of his life, he wore a Star of David and said that in this family he had learned "how to live real life and determination."
You might recognize his name.  This little boy was called Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong. He proudly spoke fluent Yiddish and "Satchmo" is Yiddish for "big cheeks, a nickname that was given to him by Mrs. Karnofsky!
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