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Documentary - The New American Century

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i'm not a conspiracy guy - to me, this oligarchy is human nature - it's psychology and sociology 101. i don't believe for a minute the US government played an active roll in 9/11, or the Golf of Tonkin, or the sinking of the Lusitania - i just think the men in power acted in the best interests of the country at the time, and those interests have very little to do with the people of the country. if they were in line, we wouldn't send our boys out to die unless it was to specifically stop an imminent threat on our soil. and as long as our boys are being sent out to die... this is a good fight to fight.

i like this documentary because of the way it depicts the wars we've fought this century, and how they all have common aspects: evil doers that want to murder us in our beds, the need to build up arms and raise taxes to fight them off, and NO real mention about how these wars have done nothing but benefit the 85 families that control 1/2 the worlds wealth (and never ever see the front lines).


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