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This was fun  

Not political but I could add clever political mime and repost..just made me laugh as is.

butchyboy:--- The Liberal's only Room is only for Liberals as anyone can tell by the name. Stay out or there will be consequences. As you can tell, your post has been removed.


Rules for LO

Welcome to Liberals only forum

No conservatives allowed
Post respectfully, personal attacks will not be tolerated
No more than five new threads a day
No trash talking about members and their kids
No porn, or links to porn
No gore pictures
No cursing in thread titles
No, 'outing' of members or their families; names, addresses, phone numbers, SSNs, etc.
No linking to other political forums
No solicitations

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Laripu - It's simply amazing the way Jr. outed himself. Seems like he must have gotten advance warning that it was about to happen and did it himself. But then again; Maybe he's just not too bright.


Middl3 - Here is scientific proof that light does not always travel in straight lines. :D

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That should have a silent 'g', i.e. 'gnormal'. Just so we know it isn't the other, i.e. normal.


You could also add a silent 'i': 'ignormal'. Yes. That's better. Trump is ignormal.


Now I'm thinking we should pronounce the ig. :)

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Heh heh.  The ignormal ignoramus needs to be isolated on the Isle of Iggy.




McCain sometimes voices uncommonly decent sentiments, for a republican ...  Belied by his  staunchly conservative voting record.   But Trumps derogatory campaign remarks about McCain's captivity were truly repugnant.

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