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This was fun  

Not political but I could add clever political mime and repost..just made me laugh as is.

Laripu - Saudi Arabia is, maybe the worst country in the world for women to be born. We sometimes sat in a waiting room with Saudi women while stopping over at Ataturk International Airport. They were, of course, completely covered from head to foot in black, with only a semi-transparent, mesh-covered slit for the eyes. It was a bizarre and disturbing sight. You couldn't help but feel sorry for them. I'm know I wasn't the only one who tried not to stare.


The cartoon by Horsey is funny and very clever, the way it integrates four of the major elements in conservative politics.




Cecelia - Prescient cartoon. The first, second, third and fifth frame - blame the victim. The fourth and sixth frame show how amorally reversed their life values are.

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I kind of like this picture. Especially the clown car where Marco Rubio is drinking from a water bottle, and the KOCH insignia on the car. Why does the car have a tongue? :P (Edit to add: oh, wait, I see. It goes with the eyes. :D )



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While the idea (in the previous cartoon) that Canada's election lasted 11 weeks is correct, it neglects the leadership campaign that took place in the Liberal Party, the campaign that elected Justin Trudeau as Liberal leader. He launched his bid for leadership on October 2, 2012, and became leader on April 14, 2013, which is 6.5 months.


At that point, the federal election had not been called (which was the responsibility of now-former Prime Minister Harper), but campaigning had begun. (Canadian campaigning seems less intrusive because there's not nearly so much money behind it.) So the process really ran form October 2012 to October 2015.


Canadian governments don't have fixed end dates like US ones, because elections can be called before the limit (which is 5 years). In practice, a 5 year term has been very rare. There have been five federal general elections since 2000.


To be comparing American apples to 11-week Canadian apples we'd have to start our election process when the two parties both have candidates. (Both conventions take place in July 2016. So we have a 3.5 month election period to compare to an 11 week Canadian election period. About 105 days for us to 77 days for them.)

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