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You can tell the truth with humour.....  humour can make it easier to not cry as much.  American media tries to get as many people to watch... they frame so many parts of the news so that you should get angry...  Before the time of Ronald Reagan, television news did not make a profit...  What changed?  Targeting the news to people with the crazy idea that they are better because they are Republican or Democrat.  Meanwhile people get headaches or gut aches because the leaders of these parties are trying to prove they are correct, and it becomes a form of entertainment for quite a few viewers.  The news channels make huge profits for their companies, but they are twisting their reporting to get a much higher readership.  Many Republicans twist the truth to avoid saying such things as we don't stand for the poor or minorities, we stand for the rich and priviledged...  They also have allies in religions who make the case that no female should be allowed to have an abortion, but their daughter could get one secretly if they needed one because they are rich and probably republican...

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