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Stephen Colbert Will OWN Late-Night T.V.!!!!!

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He doesn't have a prayer and will be cancelled within 1 year. Why? Because he breaks the cardinal rule in comedy; he's not funny.

Colbert is gonna spread the liberal word big time,ratings will explode once be gets the young into late night TV...

lol. God Damn your dumb. I mean the kind of dumb where even liberals don't want to be seen with you and cringe whenever they read that you're from NY.

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unisia is a cio


Right On Shaman... Colbert will be interesting

How can you make ISIS funny?

Tunisia is a ghost town

funny thing is the terrorists cut of their own funding

Tunisia is a ghost town,,, Not on my list of places to be

Tunisia is a country, not a town.

The capital of Tunisia is the city of Tunis.

The absence of tourists does not make anywhere a "ghost town".

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Colbert will do OK at first cause they will come out swinging with good guests.


Stephen has never played this kind of venue before. He didn't need a big audience base on CC.


Generally speaking, I think Colbert is boring. He's political attack approach worked on CC...but his new bosses are going to need a bigger audience base.


Can Colbert be funny to an audience that isn't over loaded with people who laugh at political jokes that really aren't that funny?



It's almost scary.....being RIGHT....as often as I am....but, we Progressives have pretty-much gotten used to shouldering such responsibilities.


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. Colbert viewers will choose who gets in the White House.



I guess he's an OK comic. Then again, many people today, are easily amused.

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That's what I said.....a little-too sophisticated for you Dukes O' Hazzard fans....




Thanks Phoenix for digging up your dumb post from 2 years ago. Apparently Shaman/Phoenix is into rants about sucking cock. It is more "sophisticated." It looks like the people criticizing you 2 years ago called it. Your standard for urbane is pretty low.

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