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Here's a good one.


On Tuesday evening, a Philadelphia woman allegedly walked up to a few Philadelphia Streets Department employees and told them she needed to pee, and that she intended to pee in between the employees’ city-owned pickup trucks. The woman, Amanda Bonner of Northeast Philly, then allegedly proceeded to climb into one of the pickup trucks and drive off with the vehicle, according to police.


Bonner, 33, is now charged with third degree theft, unlawful taking; third degree theft, receiving stolen property; and a second-degree misdemeanor count of unauthorized use of an automobile, according to a release from the Philadelphia Police Department.


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On 8/4/2016 at 11:18 AM, Old Mack said:


  • Juliana, 23, is one of 12,000 sex workers targeting visitors to Brazil games
  • She has hiked prices for Olympics and believes she will make huge money
  • Prostitution is legal in Brazil but police are still expected to crack down
  • Sex workers find clients online via Facebook and Tinder
  • Juliana reveals 'all the girls are very excited about the Olympics'
  • 'It is an opportunity to make money and find a way out of our life'
  • Juliana even hopes 'of meeting an athlete who could take me away'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3718345/I-want-win-Olympic-gold-sex-Rio-escort-wants-use-Games-boyfriend-just-like-Julia-Roberts-Pretty-Woman.html#ixzz4GNRHkQZV




It’s warming up but in bean town still a little chilly 

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 23 Dec 2014:


The baby in the popular children's TV show Teletubbies has finally revealed herself as a university student. Jess Smith, 19, was just nine months old when she became one of the most familiar faces on British television in March 1997.



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