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Why do republicans HATE young voters?

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Now that more than half of Millennials are adults out of college (currently aged 13-33), expect a huge shift in the way the generation votes. They can't be bought with college money any longer and unemployment still addles the generation. Hope and change didn't bring jobs. If a Republican emerges that can stay out of the quagmire of social conservatism they could see huge gains from this electorate.



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At the very very best Hillary will be a grandmotherly figure for young voters. At worst, they just don't remember her.


I am literally one of the first Millennials (age 33 born Jan 15, 1982). I didn't really become interested politically until 2003ish, so early 20's. I don't remember fuck all about Clinton Administration much less Bush Sr, and Reagan. Hell I can't remember much before the start of the Iraq War. The Iraq War was the catalyst that got me paying attention to politics and political issues.


I never voted for the Big Eared Commie. I didn't vote in 2000, or 2004; voted for Barr in 2008, and wrote-in Ron Paul in 2012.




And that's how it goes.



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what documented facts you gave you lying sack of rat puke?


That's maybe my favorite ewince dry turd - a lying sack of rat puke.




Her crack must have some more Draino in it.


Not that one King.


That one's got this in it.





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