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wifi device let us use network safely

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Every day we have a lot of communications with different people, some of them are not necessary, but some of them are very important for us, especially when we talk about our business or privacy. It will cause big problem or lose if our conversation is exposed by someone. We don't want our conversations to be recorded by a recorder. But how to protect us from being recorded by someone? An audio jammer is all we need. Audio jammer is a kind of high-tech anti-surveillance devices that could protect yourself from being spied by wireless spy camera, it could be also used to block listening devices from tapping into your phone calls or spoken conversations by scrambling signals. Audio jammer, with its reliable performance,is a surefire way to ensure that any conversation you're hoping to keep private stays private. As technology developing, we have many multi-functionl jammers now, some audio jammer may combine with wifi jammer and bluetooth jammer.



We are living in a network era. Wifi and bluetooth have become necessary things in our lives, they create great convenience for people who need to use them to send information and files. WiFi and Bluetooth is a kind of wireless technology that support exchanging data within short distances from the fixed and mobile devices by using the 2.4G frequency band commonly. Because Wifi can connect several systems to one connection, it is Cheaper device for short distance use like company or family lan. However there are also many problems during the using the WiFi and Bluetooth. We must find our ways to solve the problems to protect us, the key is wifi jammer, also called wifi blocker.




The most obviously aspect is that it is very possible that your privacy of high secret documents will be attacked by the hacker as being used as the wireless internet they have poor ability to working against the hackers. And on the other hand as both the WiFi and Bluetooth owns the ability to tracking your location and the working principal which is similar to the mobile phone tower location triangulation. So other can know your location easily, which is not for both peoples life and work. In this case the wifi jammer can play an important role in helping to remove the potential danger.




As now people pay more attention to both the safety and the privacy both in work and daily life and always want to find a good way to prevent their privacy from being attacked or given out. So remove the potential dangers that the WiFi and Bluetooth may bring you is of great importance. To meet such kind of requirements the WiFi/Bluetooth signal jammer is the best choice and people can choose the one base on their situations. To meet the needs of people both the portable WiFi/Bluetooth jammer and tabletop WiFi/Bluetooth blocker have been invented and people can select the suitable ones.

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