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Yesterday I scrapped the idea for my micronation website being based on a French population....

And this is why.

Because it doesn't work, their culture is flat out FUCKING stupid, and totally unacceptable.



First of all, sitting the criticizing everything and anything, says that you are a waste of time to deal with, it makes you very difficult and unfriendly, and turns you into a social trap for other people, and turns you into a bigot.

Its just simply arrogant behavior, and it makes you not fun at all to be around, it makes you very hard to be around.


Secondly, if smiling is "less natural" to them.... its also unnatural for people with Autism... which is a developmental disorder, it breaks down the communication process, that leaves me having no idea how they are feeling, and the lack of smiling tells me that they are feeling not happy, which means that I am doing something wrong..

That is emotional abuse, and scary... because I cannot go through life not knowing how other people feel.


And thirdly, If a restaurant doesn't exist to serve hungry customers, that makes absolutely no sense at all... because the point of food is to eat it, and a restaurant serves two purposes, to provide food for travelers, and to provide alternatives to home cooking, for an opportunity to go out to eat.



Fourth, their constitution protects and empowers the government.


And last but not least, there is no conceivable way that a population leaving France to go to another place to strike out on their own, is going to NOT bring all that crap with them.



Its just a very low productivity, highly expensive, WRONG system in the human process, there is just no other way to put it.


So forget it.


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