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protect us with from being tracked

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The new movie Fast & Furious 7 is coming. If you like the Fast & Furious, you may also like driving. Think of it, drive to a new place, meet strange peoples, try the food you never eat before, isn't it an excited thing? We all agreet that driving to a new place that you have never been to is a great experience. But it may also waste your time to find the road when you drive to a new city, in that situation, you will need GPS device. The GPS device is really helpful especially when we are in a strange city. However, GPS device also could be danger. Do you know that it could expose your location very easily? Bad guys could easily follow your whereabouts by the GPS device. If you don't believe this, there are many stories in the movies. Now the next question is, what to do to protect us not to be tracked down? The key comes to a kind of device called GPS jammer. The GPS jammer could block GPS signal in a certain range, all GPS devices in that range will have NO SIGNAL.


To know more about the GPS jammer, we could check an example first. Below is a simple intruction of a good jammer: The 3W Portable Phone Jammer and LOJACK and GPS Jammer, model number S805036. This jammer device owns high output power, it could effectively block the bands of cellphone, GPS, LOJACK and 3G. The jamming range of this jammer can up to 20m at most---depending on the strength in the given area . And it wont produce high temperature when it is working benefiting form the cooling fan inside. It could be used in car directly with the car charger. This GPS blocker can be used in many places such as the restaurant, temple, meeting rooms, concert, conference rooms, bus and so on. It could give us enough protection once we turn it on. No one could track down our locations in its protection. And it is easy to use, just turn it on to make it work, turn it off to stop it. It is a multi function jammers. Besides of the GPS signal, it could also block the normal cell phone signal, Lojack signal and 3G phone signal. Just a jammer could meet different require.


Please visit our website to learn more about the GPS signal jammer. Our company is a leading supplier of jammer products and we started to sell all kinds of jammers to worldwide customrs since 10 years ago. You could find a lot of articles about jammers, and you could find many jammers products here.

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