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The Dem Party Will be Punished Again in 2016

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With ISIS and the middle east on fire, Hilarity will have a big problem. She was SOS when the debacle started. She pushed for the overthrow of Gaddafi. She backed Morsi and the muslim brotherhood. It was not a movie. At this point it does make a difference. Oblameo is lost in his own incompetence and Hilarity will take the punishment.

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Hillary can't run...she has, and will continue to be exposed by her baggage.


Ha! And little Willie Franklin doesn't think the Republicans have any potential candidates? The more he goes on about it, the funnier it sounds. THEY GOT NUTHIN!


I'd vote for Condi as POTUS in a second. I think she can go about as far as she wants in politics. Condi -vs- Old Hickory (ethics and intellect -vs- a worn out, lying lump O' shit).

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