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U.K. vs France mud-slinging

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I have been online and I have read quite a lot of stuff about how great Britain is, and pretty much how bad everybody else is, especially from the British.


French engineering leaves a lot to be desired, But guess what ? French ideals has always been better than U.K. ones, and has throughout the history of the French republic, had better domestic results within.


France has a higher G.D.P than Britain, nearly twice over, France has in fact produced a few weapon systems that are better than British, the Charles De Gaulle Aircraft carrier and the Mistral Class Assault ships being two of them.. if they were carrying American aircraft France would completely outclass Britain, even militarily, and

It is us French, that has designed modern British weaponry, and the Royal Navy has been buying directly from France.

Renault, Peugeot, Citroen are extremely reliable cars, more reliable in fact than Landrover, and Jaguar, both of which are NOT and never have been economical to produce or sell, or buy, The French Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, and Bugatti are made in much higher numbers, nearly the numbers that are produced by Toyota in Japan, and Kia in South Korea combined, Britain simply doesn't compare to the productivity.


French fashion and arts simply dwarfs Britain, it is in fact Paris, France that is the host of the world's most prestigious fashion show, The Paris fashion runway.
Can Britain say the same ?


French food is vast, healthy, and we built western cuisine, The food in England is mostly fried in hot grease ! :)

The UK has a higher crime rate and a larger prison population, and a much higher population density than France.

Plenty of British have moved to France for better a better personal life.


France as a better education, and health system, The Education Index is 0.968.. which is better than the USA, and Britain's Education Index is 0.957, which is worse than the USA, France has a higher human development index which is 0.893 or 20th, Britain is 0.875 or 26th, It is also Us French, that has created the Metric System that is the world scientifically based mathematic standard, Britain still lives in an Undemocratic Dictatorship.


Even right here in the United States, We French have generally higher incomes and higher standards of living than do Americans of British Heritage because we occupy better paying jobs, and we have a higher college attendance per capita, we are outnumbered, but we are better off.


That is all I have to say about the comparison between Britain, and France, by the way, I am from the United States, born to parents of French heritage.

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lol they seem to get into these spats every couple of years.

I think they just do it to keep up appearences or they really secretly hate each other... and asides from football (eh huh soccer) this is how they can vent!

u know what else though, the French did cause the UK a lot of trouble during the Falklands War.

Much of Argentina's advance warrantly was acquired through France and once the Argentines got a few lucky shots in Ol lady thatcher went banannas

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