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Liberals the true rasist/sexist party? Probably, yes.

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After listening to both sides of any debate within the last year, one constant theme always comes to mind. The right wants people to work for themselves; earn what they want; and be charitable to others. The left wants people to believe they are different from each other; continues to fortify the wall between cultures in order to build an environment of discontent; and demands all get help from government...weather they want it or not.


Any interaction devolves into the right proving their points and the left declaring any who disagree with their points as a racist or sexist. When it is they, the liberals who are the true racists. They are the blind sexists. Their only plan they have left, for they've abandoned reason long ago, is to shout over anybody who proves them wrong.


The Right uses logic and reason and compassion throughout their lives.


The Left uses, fear, derision and hatred to move their agenda. And if all that fails...they just shout like a spoiled child.

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