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Already Passed Environmental Tipping Point? Now What?

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Despite the grim environmental outlook, I remain hopeful. Why?




Some highly regarded climate scientists say we have already passed the environmental tipping point – that catastrophe is unavoidable. But I hope and believe there is still something we can do. First, though, it might be helpful to accept that there is or even might be a problem.

Any doubt which might still exist about the calamitous deterioration of our environment is surely so overshadowed by the magnitude of this potential tragedy that to use uncertainty as an excuse to ridicule the concerns of those informed by science, or to excuse either inaction or (worse yet) continued rapacious exploitation is short-sighted at best.

Naturally we envision our children and grandchildren living happy, healthy lives. And we tend to distrust, even disparage any suggestion that we are, instead, leaving a legacy of environmental degradation so severe that lives as comfortable as ours have been will be an unreachable fantasy for sons and daughters struggling to endure. But make no mistake - the very existence of society as we know it, even of the human race itself IS at risk. And the danger is not hundreds of years into some remote, hazy future. The overwhelming evidence suggests that within 50 years (or less) our environment will be unlike anything the human species has ever before experienced.

Of the many verifiable reasons for concern about our planet’s climate trajectory are two which I recently learned about. Frankly, they are scary and sobering. First, it takes 40 years for greenhouse gasses to reach maximum global warming effect. Second, we have released more greenhouse gasses in the last 25 years than in all previous human history. Subtracting 25 from 40 gives us 15. So, as bad as things are already getting (prolonged droughts with looming food shortages, more and more severe storms, melting glaciers…) we won’t even BEGIN to see the worst of it for another fifteen years. And after that things will get exponentially worse for another 25 years even IF we were to immediately stop ALL greenhouse gas emissions. No wonder there are climate scientists who (knowing much more about this than either you or I) have abandoned their previous efforts to find workable solutions and have instead moved their families to remote areas, hoping against hope to be able to somehow survive.

So, if such knowledgeable men and women of Science have given up on finding a solution, what could possibly be motivating my optimism (such as it is)? Some of you might be thinking, “faith.” Now, I am not going to discount faith. But that is not what I have in mind. I would rather, you know, actually DO something – even if just to feel good about having tried. Therefore, I also won’t disparage things other people are doing like recycling, or riding a bike instead of driving a car, or even picking up litter. But again, I have something else in mind.

What I’m thinking is, there might be some solution other than the physical solution those scientists have despaired of. Yes, I’m talking about applying non-physical energy to the problem. I know that while some folks have no problem accepting the possibility if not the certainty of non-physical energies, others will insist that such a concept is absurd, claiming that if a thing can’t be measured it therefore can not or at least might as well not exist. I hope those skeptics will consider the following. Physicists now know that 95% of our Universe is either Dark Matter or Dark Energy – things which can NOT be directly measured. (Matter and Energy are two forms of the same thing, as is stated by Einstein’s E=MC*2.) All of the mere 5% of our Universe which can be measured (including the entire physical mass of the Earth as well as every thing and every person on it), is dwarfed and surrounded by “non-physical” energy. We have all seen images depicting our Earth’s seemingly inconsequential presence out on the periphery of the Milky Way Galaxy. When you consider how tiny the Earth is compared to our galaxy and how tiny our galaxy is compared to the universe, and when you then also acknowledge that the whole extent of our visible, measurable universe comprises only 5% of the energy that is really here, then the magnitude of our Earthly environmental problems becomes relatively insignificant.

It is, however, entirely fair to protest that though our problem may be insignificant from a universal perspective, from the perspective of someone who has to live here the problem is very significant. But if we could access that practically infinite energy and apply it here on Earth, then our environmental problems could indeed become relatively infinitesimal – and surmountable. And there is reason to believe we can access that energy.

Though the logical analysis our brains are capable of has failed to lift the veil of mystery from how the universe works, one of the more useful models we have is the Holographic Model. In a hologram, the entirety of the hologram exists in every little piece of the hologram. So, if the holographic model is anything close to what is really going on, then it may well be that every little piece of our universe has access to all the energy in the universe. Indeed, systems of knowledge which long predate western logic describe a universe in which we are all “one with God.” It has been said (probably by the adherents of these systems) that the knowledge available from these systems comes more from universal mind than individual brain. Whether true or not, such beliefs are not inconsistent with the state of modern scientific knowledge – knowledge which can not dispute the possibility that each one of us has access to practically infinite, universal energy.

But, assuming for the moment that our connection with that energy is at least possible, how effectively can we channel that energy to address a problem like environmental destruction? I do not claim to know the answer to that for sure. But I do know there are many forms of “energy work” which have been practiced for millennia. And though the logical proofs of their effectiveness have sometimes been somewhat unconvincing (as is also the case for prayer), the anecdotal evidence is massive. I myself, though initially a skeptic, on a lark once attended a training in Therapeutic Touch (a form of energy work) and was amazed to discover that I could actually, undeniably feel the energy fields around things. Subsequent trainings (Reiki, Jin Shin Do…) and the experiences I had using energy work have convinced me that there are energy fields surrounding and interpenetrating each of us which can be channeled to have physical effects. The natural state of optimal health which exists when energy flows freely through us can devolve to disease when that energy flow becomes blocked. With simple but focused intent to act as a conscious conduit for energy to flow through me to and freely through others so that it is available and dynamic wherever it might be needed, and by intending that it continue flowing, free of blockage, maintaining optimal energetic health, I have witnessed significant, immediate improvement in various forms of disease. “The Force” is real, and it works. Now, I don’t expect you to be convinced by my experiences. But, especially in light of how dire the predictions are for the immediate future of life on our planet, my hope is that you can at least remain open minded.

I propose that each one of us, in whatever way seems best to us as individuals (and acknowledging that since we are individuals our methods can be expected to be different but no less valid), spend some time every day channeling universal energy to, praying for, or even just imagining a healthy Earth. If you can only spare a few seconds while doing the dishes – that’s fine. I think every little bit will (or at least could) help. In my experience, becoming attached to an outcome as specific as, say, levitating the Pentagon (as a group tried and failed to do during the Viet Nam War) or maybe immediately decreasing the Earth’s temperature by two degrees can not be expected to succeed. It is more effective to have no expectations and just let the energy (or God, if you prefer) work. What I will be doing is envisioning myself as one with the universe, with all that energy as part of me. Then I will envision the Earth and myself being one with / part of each other so that the Earth too has access to all that energy. Through me and my intent that the energy wash away any blockages which may exist, the Earth will use as much of the universal energy as it needs or wants to become healthy and whole. I will not visualize anything more specific than that. The Earth can therefore become what is best for her to be – whether or not the result is something my ego might have expected or preferred.

I suggest just one small precaution. When doing energy work, you are less likely to feel depleted (and more likely to feel invigorated) if you remember to see yourself as a mere conduit for the energy rather than as the source of the energy.

Naturally I can offer no guarantee that this optimistic vision will result in a healed, healthy Earth where our children and grandchildren can thrive and be happy. But I hope you will join me.

What do we have to lose?


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I'm not sure what you mean, Makabuk. But hopefully this will clarify.
The energy I was referring to is the energy of the Universe(s) itself. A holographic model of the universe suggests that (at least maybe) each of us has access to that universal energy. From my experience doing energy work (like Reiki...) it is consistent to believe or at least suspect that we can channel that universal energy to the Earth. Some might think of it as manifesting physical healing through a spiritual connection, but that would be just one way of seeing it.

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We use,(and have been doing it for centuries), our oceans as pantries & as toilets - shame on us. Ya think the gulf oil spill was something; try to imagine the toxins that have come down the Mississippi since the industrial revolution over the past 150 years. When WW2 ended, my father contacted a half dozen government agencies - departments, stating the war recycling effort should continue, since all the logistics were already in place. Not even an honorable mention from anyone in government. Can you imagine the landfills that now would not exist if someone had taken my father seriously? Few politicians have depth or vision, most are fucing lame toadies sucking fat pay checks from the American taxpayer.

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