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Just did something I swore I wouldn't do.

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I just lost my temper and ragged on some conservatives in the NHB forum. I called them honorless. Evil. Moronic. Even cowards. And I stand by everything I said. But I still promised myself that I wouldn't do that anymore. From now on I'm going to ignore the NHB forum. There's no point in fighting these people. They will always be what they are right now.


Honorless, evil, moronic cowards.


If they are not willing to be human beings then why should a human being bother with them?

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when you fight them over there you are not really just fighting them.



you see all of these sites have visitors who never post but read the debates.



Yes gentle reader we know your there!



I post for those people.


I expose the lies and give the facts.



that is how you win

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yes I am


I aim to entertain.


I have heard lines I use on TV.



You see these sites are a free source of ideas for unpaid interns to pass up the pipe.



these places are the new town hall folks

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