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Media Refuses To Identify Party Affiliation Of New Jersey Democrat Cau

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Media Refuses To Identify Party Affiliation Of New Jersey Democrat Caught In Racist Rant

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Brendan Bordelon
Daily Caller
May 1, 2014

New Jersey city council chairman and mayoral candidate Marie Strumolo Burke was caught on tape lamenting her city’s descent into a “fucking [African-American slur] town” — and nearly all media reports failed to identify her as a Democrat.

Burke is chairman of Belleville, New Jersey’s city council and is running for mayor in the town’s June election. And yes, she is a member of the Democratic Party.

In an undated recording of a voicemail left by a former council chairman, Burke’s voice can be heard in the background “discussing” proposed changes to the town’s tax rates.

“This is terrible. This is terrible,” she can be heard moaning in the background. “This is gonna be a fucking [African-American slur] town!”

The current mayor of Belleville, fellow Democrat Raymond Kimble, claims he obtained the tape last October and sent it off to a Michigan forensics lab to determine its authenticity.



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