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defeat this duece

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have you ever wondered why our founders built so many checks and balances into our political/governing system? there are many...some barely considered by our sweating uneducated public school indoctrinated moiuth breathers.


it is because though they realized we need some form of external representative government, it should be all but stymied by its own reduntant processes, so that only on matters of clear import and universal agreement-war, for example-can the entirety behemoth that is external representative federal government act in one accord.


and what is the outcome of a federal government so stymied as to be almost ineffectual? a nation of self governing ppl who are fully capable of acting on their own behalf, and understanding that freedom is limited, and rights an equal thing, or if not equal, meaningless.


yes, that is absolutely correct. we are to have leaders, but not those we are to follow blindly, but those we are to question, doubt, suspect, and fight. this leads to each of ous being our own leader, and THAT leads to us each being steeped in a universal morality which is absolute and understood. this argues against diversity of culture and argues FOR individual and personal responsibility.


but oiur societies destructive forces argue there is only moral relativism. that each of us can do as we please, and have no "right" to tell others what they can and should do. this mentality is a path to destruction. there will always be at least one, if not three controling forces upon a society. and public odium is but one of those forces. we can s imply refer to the recent incident regarding the owner of a basketball team, for an example of public odium.


and i must ask, why cannot this public disapproval be directed towards gang activity, criminal activity, and government oppression? these are all things which attack society-society being understand as a mutual gathering of individuals for the purpose of mutual self preservation.

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