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UK Two Years Ago - Think It's Gotten Better - Muslim Rapists

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Muslim perpetrated rapes continue to be near daily occurrence in England In the UK the term Asian is used to describe Muslims.

A quick review of the current news finds rapes committed by muslim men continue to be a near everyday occurrence in England. Apparently the politicians and multiculturists, in England, are trying their hardest to join the same muslim perpetrated rape epidemic as in Norway. British women and girls are increasingly afraid to venture out alone or at night - yet the dhimmifed police (non)force blather on and on about such rapes being a "one off". Perhaps the police are too busy arresting peaceful group of British men dressed in suits.

Here's a line up by the followers of the Religion of

Gang rape of teen girl in Slough

Serious sex assault on woman in Sheffield

Leyland man jailed for sexual assault on teen boy

Menace of the bus sex attacker 3 victims

Brighton sex attacker jailed - attacked 14 yr old girl

Does the above look like a "one off" to you? (Also - please see my prior posts) Meanwhile the UK borders are left wide open for more "Muslim" rapists and perverts to enter into the Country to prey upon our women, girls and boys.

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