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GM loss = $11.2 billion.

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The U.S. government lost $11.2 billion on its bailout of General Motors, more than the $10.3 billion the Treasury Department estimated when it sold its remaining GM shares in December, according to a government report released on Wednesday.

And what was it that Obama said?

The bailout was a "success"?

With GM again flirting with bankruptcy?

With more GM jobs outsourced overseas?

Were American taxpayers just paying for GM to increase it's manufacturing capacity in China by 55% while cutting 15000 jobs here?

Are the only ones who benefited here the unions that just happened to give big campaign contributions to Obama and the DNC?

And can we really even believe this $11 billion dollar figure?

Just last August, the Treasury Department said that the $85 billion dollar car bailout would eventually cost the government $25 billion.


And suddenly it's less than half as much?


Somethings smells to high heaven.


Indeed, EVERYTHING connected with the Obama administration now STINKS of lies, corruption and criminal activity.




Time to IMPEACH.

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