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Does Everybody Follows Michelle's Diet?

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I had 4 jack in the box tacos (the real greasy mashed up ones that are three weeks old), onion rings and a large iced coffee for lunch.....



Sounded good when I ordered it.... little bit bloated now.... :blush:

hapen to have a fast metabolism. I could not hit 150 lb when It TRIED. I had a friend... unable to get under 350. Wile I'm older, I smoke.. I don't have a pacemaker,bad back/feet/knees.I wasn't who had a Handicap placard, who could not walk a 1/4 mile. I ought to do my health smarter.. but muy point is that a few of us can live on beer and Pizza.. and some need to do ALL the right stuff. Ultimately.. I MUST wise up. Stop smoking. However.. I'm an old fart and I'm out dancing with the cute college girls Tat's good. I NEED to start doing HEALTHY..lfestyle...or I'll have to act like an old man. I pushed my luck and I have noticed the last year..I lost a step.

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