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Yay! RushLimbaughFan got new glasses w/pic

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Nice. You should grow your hair long now.

Long hair is a pain in the ass. Next month I am shaving it all off again. If you wanna see what I look like with long hair I will show you.


I am the one on the Left. This was taken back when I was 26 at the Medina County Fair with 2 of my Friends, one of which is in the National Guard:



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Nice glasses but you are way too close to the camera. STOP LOOKING INTO MY SOUL!!!!!!

I will do no such thing. Your soul holds some interesting truths about you, and your perception of the world.

Now you can see what or who your doing. Glasses can be life-changing..

Must you always be a smart ass. :D Kidding, but not really.

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