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Old John Locke


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Well what of this father of Liberal thought...

The empirical epistemology, the scope of knowledge

I think it was Kant who said;

"all of our knowledge begins with senses, proceeds then to

understanding, and ends with reason. There is nothing higher

than reason."

So it appears now in the twilight of the enlightenment of age,

with tattered reason wider than it seems any vision is

left to be clearly said,

Question, why?

Answer, for the good of the Earth, for the good of all human beings

upon this land.


If Economics is a construct we do now live within a construct that is

constructed to protect only those with wealth.


productivity is but only a lesser god these days.


I'd much rather live with no god than with the one that turns its

eyes away from the poor.


We need a greener earth than the one we tare down

we need a vital enrichment towards prosperity

There isn't the notion that there must be something significant

to achieve

There is only the mandate to achieve what we never ever had before.

Of all the miracles surrounding us through invention, blood, sweat,

and yes tears,

somehow reason seems to be so whitewashed and sits




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