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Sierra Club Directors Drive Gas-Guzzling Jaguars

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Some are more equal than others…


Members of the Sierra Clubs board of directors are driving around in gas-guzzling vehicles, despite the groups support for the Obama administrations increased fuel efficiency standards. The Sierra Club strongly supported the Obama administrations increase in minimum fuel economy standards to 54.4 miles per gallon (mpg) by 2025, but it seems the Clubs top officials dont practice what they preach.


The Sierra Clubs 15-member board of directors own a combined 32 vehicles, less than one-fifth of which are hybrids or electric vehicles. Seven of the 32 vehicles are sports utility vehicles...


...Two of the Clubs directors buck environmental protection for riding in style, by owning luxury Jaguars which have an average fuel economy of 18 mpg much lower than the U.S. average fuel economy of 24.8 mpg in 2013.

These people think we're stupid. They sit in their air-conditioned office buildings; they jet around the world; and they drive luxury automobiles all powered by fossil fuels.


They don't give a crap about the environment. They're Marxist low-lifes, bent on control.

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I'm just here to have a little fun and kill time !


Lab Rat (my squeeze) and I watched a quite interesting cartoon movie tonight. In it a guy said...(sic) The vote has become a joke...who do you want to vote for, the puppet on the left or the puppet on the right.


I'll go along with that.


Thank you and God / Nature bless.

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