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Think for Yourself

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We live in the best society ever...don't let the government do your thinking for you!

How many forms of government are there besides political ones?


How many eyes work separately in a we the people believe? two, the rest just listen to hear what they must do to save orchestrated denial organizing chaos within the eternity of now balancing out eternal details nhever duplicated now.

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The government is only what we make it.


Again with this "we" crap as you point fingers of blame at every other ideology other than your own. If it is we, then it is the whole species and ancestries, not just every other social justification.


Takes understanding real to correct reality being incomplete and that won't happen when facts are composed from working theories against theologies academically teaching moral codes of 3 types of truths figuratively making everything relative to "what if" balancing between "if only" and "only if"...


the woulda, coulda, shoulda trifecta in make believe reality is larger than really being here now physically. Again symbolism can work as long as it remains just a tool.


when a few convert tools to weapons, then comes the laws only allowing governments to use the weapons to save citizens from knowing where the problem really exists in plain sight making up hypothetical topics to invent issues clouding up the cause of the problem that never goes away for generations.

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Do you disagree that the voters make the government?? Im I wrong and how so??

Here you go again, citizens that don't vote aren't part of your "we" just like any political party that isn't in your camp. the genders that aren't are those, them, they that get the blame for your incomplete interpretations of real when yours is as inaccurate as everyone else's.




All humanity throughout history so far denies this moment is physically the eternity promised after death of sole results of specific ancestry. change that one thing in every social justification in every society of civilization, and peace can be something other than dreamed about.


that simple. But your professional denial stands in the way.

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Alright back to your paper.

My origami frames points and sides from something two dimensional into a 4 dimensional figure that can reflect both inorganic and organic combinations within the same molecular migrating mass of elements making a universal position exist now here.


Inside out equal to every hypothetical incompletely defining could be from the outside in.


Center balance between contracting results and expanding details of the same content all the time energy cannot be created or destroyed in the process of existing now.


don't look now, but I imploded your ancestry's social identity to only being a common practice of denying what real is in plain sight. Not only your ancestry's but my own as well.


Judge not, least ye be judged by the same measurements My description fits everything that ever existed universally whether I existed, exist, or reproduced a biological replacement or not.


How deep into real can you see? Academics, politics, religion, economics?


You are blind if all you use is vernacular tribalism establihed as societal evolution governing the behaviors of genetic continuation passing through this atmosphere one lifetime at a time..

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I was hoping to see some more of your paper work. May I see it again.

patronizing doesn't show respect, it only presents the stage presence of acting as if you do while not. My avatar represents this planet's periodic table spaced apart as the estimated 120 sepatate characteristics that make up gases, liquids, and minerals combined into what exists presently as inorganic and organic combinations contracting the results spliting into new details never duplicated functioning the same way all the time what gets spaced apart stays apart as balanced so far.

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this is funny thread .

think for yourself? really ? who?


in your political life in your religious life you all fallow .

have read an original thought come from any of you teabaggers republicans or liberations . all they same .

yeah the dems are too but they are the ones on the side of free America not corporate America . like foxnews you all read from the same que cards

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Come on. Show me some paper. Dont make me beg.

Get yourself a few sheets of copy paper, triangulate to separate a squared portion and a remaining portion. Once separating the two take the square piece and fold it in half three time top to bottom.


Open it back up and do the same thing side to side. open again and do it diagonally.


When done with all 4 directions get inkpens or other colored means of drawing lines in each fold using the color of the 7 rainbow colors. violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.


from bottom up, left to right, bottom left to top right and bottom right to top left. Each color is a bandwidth spaced apart. Between the 64 small spaces perpendicular lines make and the 32 created by diagonals comes the limitations of contracting forces and expanding details before what exists gets crushed or blows apart.


fision and fusion.





The 14 points measures ancestral positions of 8 great gandparents at the diagonal outside positions, the 4 horizontal reflects 4 grandparent postions, the two peaks of the center axis is the mom and dad of each ancestor of each species with each addition arriving in the middle and can only expand to one ancestral position of any lifetimes added within this atmosphere should the specific event happen while the lifetime is currently passing through this moment never the same adding details twice.


i.e. aging between conception and death because now is physical eternity humanity orchestrates societal evolution to keep denying forever. the source of self fulfilling prophecies..

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I always like your paper. Im going to try it tomorrow.

Free advice, don't make origami into figures that exist as lifetimes or inventions, but the positions of universal constants that have never moved while everything changes in shape and form adding into the forms shaped here now as spaced apart individually from the molecular characteristics of the periodic table to the ancestors of the food chain in this atmosphere.


Want a big picture vocabulary cannot define accurate in linear equations of compared what if scenarios, I just gave you the map. the two with 32 holes of two sets of 16 in separate sizes inverted positions is to separate male and female using the same numbers. The one with 40 holes, covers the Judeo, Christian, Islam use of the number 40

as noah's 40 days of rain, Moses's 40 years in the desert, Ali Bobba and the 40 thieves where genies and magic carpets came from.


The 64 squares covers the Eastern beginning of I Ching and the game board Chess, tic tac toe. the 40 and 32 holes make up the rule of 72 in economics and reflects the concept of 72 virgins waiting for the martyrs fooled by their own ruling elites misdirecting that social consciousness to believe their ideology is the only chosen one to rule life.


Like I say, I don't ignore what each society believes, I just filter out what hypothetical possibilities don't fit in natural balancing. Occam's razor approach.

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