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Constitutionality of Ohio Law Governing Political Falsehoods

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Ohio law governing political falsehoods.

I’m opposed to government legislators or administrators rather than a jury determining what’s a falsehood; I’m also opposed to criminalizing what is much more a political matter.

Within the liberal forum’s thread entitled “Constitutionality of Ohio law governing political falsehoods“ I wrote:

This year the U.S. Supreme Court will soon publish their decision regarding an Ohio law that criminalize the inducement of false political statements to be published.
[i have not yet obtained a copy of the statutes and am assuming that’s the gist of the Ohio law being challenged].
Plaintiffs argue that the Ohio law is contrary to the U.S. constitution's first amendment; (i.e. freedom of speech amendment). I agree with the preponderance of opinions; the Ohio law will be found unconstitutional. I would regret any government being the ultimate identifiers of what is a criminally published falsehoods and
criminalizing political falsehoods would create rather than reduce the mischief due to such falsehoods.

Currently an election candidate can sue for slander or liable but that does little to affect the falsehoods affect upon the soon to be held election. Other than the individual candidate, no one else has legal standing to sue.

I speculate upon the possible net benefits if anyone publishing or enabling the publishing of political any falsehoods, (not limited to slander or liable) and that falsehood could, or did materially affect elections within Ohio, the benefits to Ohio would exceed whatever penalties a jury could prescribe.

Even if the falsehood did not originate from any election candidates or government officials, they’d likely to be asked to affirm the falsehood. If affirmation of such falsehoods left an officeholder vulnerable to impeachment that may in aggregate be to the net benefit of Ohio.

Refer to:


Respectfully, Supposn

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