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Tell us your alma mater

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Penn State; but for no other reason than to feed my head. I was already making a ton of money as a code welder. - Logic - Rhetoric - History - Philosophy - Writing. Also paid my own way, & didn't need Affirmative Action because of my high IQ. Then again, Affirmative Action wouldn't have applied, since I was a taxpaying white American citizen who worked. Rhetoric ( aka - flat out bullshiit ), now that was the joke - how to attempt to turn bold faced lies into reality.

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Grenada U....Sandinistas U...Serbia U...Gulf War U.......and some lesser U's....

U. S. Army. Vietnam. Class of 1970.


Thank you both for your service .... did you know I grew up an Army brat?










Where did you drop out of law school?


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Nuclear Engineering/Mechanical


First of all, you're a fooking idiot for claiming such and if you are, we're all in trouble. You can't spell worth a shit and you're probably the asshole who is going to get us all killed on trying to convert imperial to metric.


As evidence, I give you...




WTF is a nummber?

WTF is beleive?

Lead vs. led?



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