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Nevada residents want to know why BLM brought 200 armed rangers to col

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Nevada residents want to know why BLM brought 200 armed rangers to collect cattle


why was there no lein ?


Five conservative lawmakers call for state probe of BLM


Led by Assemblyman Jim "I might bring back slavery" Wheeler, Michele Fiore (of course), Don Gustavson, John Ellison and Ira Hansen are calling for a probe of the "armed incursion" by the BLM.


By the way, Wheeler is the same guy who thinks Clark County should be a separate state.


Check out the questions about whether elected officials or "interests outside government" were involved.


April 23, 2014




Assemblyman Paul Aizley, Chairman




Legislative Committee on Public Lands




Legislative Building




401 South Carson Street




Carson City, NV 89701-4717




Dear Assemblyman Aizley:




As you are aware, a situation raised its ugly head last week in Bunkerville, Nevada, that easily could have




escalated into something where scores of people may have lost their lives. It is our belief that this incident




was handled incorrectly by the Federal agencies that were placed in charge and that an abuse of authority like




this must never be allowed to happen in Nevada again.




While the situation was defused before anyone got hurt, we, the undersigned Legislators, feel that the people




of Nevada must have a public inquiry, specifically by the State of Nevada, to find the root causes for these




actions in order to ensure that there is never a repeat of this dangerous situation.




Although we do not feel Mr. Bundy is without blame, there are many unanswered questions as to why this




situation took place, including but not limited to:




1. Who ordered the armed incursion?




2. At what decision-making level was this ordered?




3. Were any elected officials involved in this?




4. Who was on the ground as far as Federal law enforcement? What was their authority and what




jurisdiction did they have and who conveyed that power, especially in light of 43 U.S.C. § 1733©(1)




which states:




When the Secretary determines that assistance is necessary in enforcing Federal laws and




regulations relating to the public lands or their resources he shall offer a contract to




appropriate local officials having law enforcement authority within their respective




jurisdictions with the view of achieving maximum feasible reliance upon local law




enforcement officials in enforcing such laws and regulations.... (Emphasis added.)




Assemblyman Paul Aizley, Chairman




Legislative Committee on Public Lands




April 23, 2014




Page 2




5. What was the root reason for the incursion? If it was for unpaid fees, why would the Federal




Government spend more money to collect the cattle than they would be able to recoup from the sale




of such?




6. Why was a lien not placed on the proceeds from Mr. Bundy's cattle sales, or property, instead of an




armed incursion?




7. If this was an attempt to conserve the desert tortoise as reported, how does one explain the fact that




the tortoise and the cattle have lived in harmony for over 100 years on that particular range? Also,




how does one explain the fact that the BLM has euthanized hundreds of tortoises citing a lack of




funds for their care?




It has been reported that the BLM destroyed many guzzlers and other water systems in the area




during their seizure operation in violation of state law. If this is the case, can criminal charges be




filed against these offenders?




9. There have been many rumors concerning interests outside the government being involved in this




dispute. These need to be thoroughly vetted in a public hearing for validity.




Therefore, we the undersigned Legislators are requesting that an investigation be conducted by the State of




Nevada into the situation that took place between the BLM and Cliven Bundy. We not only request that this




situation be investigated, but also request that the State publish a report with explanations as to actions that




can be taken by the Federal Government and the State of Nevada that will ensure a situation like this never




happens again.




We respectfully request this public inquiry be handled by your Committee given the powers of investigation




and subpoena accorded to that Committee under Nevada statute. We also call for a simultaneous




investigation to be conducted by the Attorney General's Office. A similar letter is being sent to the interim




Legislative Committee on Public Lands, Chairman Paul Aizley.












f . ~ ~r




Ass mb(yman Jim Wheeler




Senator Don Gustavson




Assemblyman Ira Hansen




Assemblywoman Michele Fiore




Assemblyman John Ellison




cc: The Honorable Brian Sandoval




Assemblywoman Marilyn Kirkpatrick




Assemblyman William Horne




Assemblyman Pat Hickey




Senator Mo Denis




Senator Michael Roberson



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No it's not.

actually it is like I said all along..


the county sheriff should have been the one to contact bundy


not armed BLM rangers... they have zero jurisdiction on private property


this should get some answers like "who ordered the rustling"


this isnt about bundy like the loons want to make it


this is about harry reid and the BLM over reach of power...


the loons have been fed the "bundy diversion" which actually has nothing to do with this case..


bundy lost in court


the T party won when they released the cattle... the left likes to ignore this fact, like always...


there will be changes to BLM


another question, why does BLM have a swat team ? and military vehicles

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