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If YOU were the President.......

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If you were the president and you wished to destroy this country , how would YOU do it?


Would you infiltrate the educational system, and revise history.

Hide anything that was positive about your nations past.

Amplify every evil deed ever commited.

Instill shame and doubt where pride and confidence was once taught.

Punish competative behavior in young boys.

Teach your girls that they are exactly the same as boys.

Erase all gender bounderies, unisex bathrooms, girls play Hockey and touch football

Use surveilance systems on the young so that as adults there will be no expectation of privacy.


Would you disolve the culture through a bi-lingual system, gov forms, press one for english, etc.etc.

Destroy the family unit, make fathers an OPTION, a source of income, sperm donor.

Make the basic family unit unrecognizable, two moms , two dads, three moms no dad.

Eliminate customs , holidays, find fault in anything stable or decent.

Show that nothing is better,nothing is bad, just different, diversity.


Would you disolve the border and allow miilions of aliens to take blue collar jobs from your citizens who can't find a work as it is.

Subsidize EVERYTHING for EVERYONE and tax the last few working people left to pay for it untill they are just as poor as the people who do not work for any of it, you know , level the playing field.

Would you drive up the cost of food and energy to starve out the middle and lower income people.

INVEST huge amounts of money into no return projects.

Regulate business's and all economic growth untill it halts.

Borrow your way out of debt???????

Devalue your currency by printing it faster than you can steal it.


Betray your allies so that they can not trust you, and stumble in front of your enemies so that they do not fear you.

Make lots of threats and promises and honor niether , so your word is worthless.

Establish an armed police state, through the postal service, FEMA, TSA,IRS to get your citizens acustomed to having a gun shoved in their face while their actual rights are being trampled and their fictional rights are FORCED onto them.



Staff the highest levels of every legitamate branch of gov. and create sub-agencies with immence power and no checks and balances or accountability or oversight, an untouchable shadow government that can run roughshod over the people without the pesky restraints of the out-dated constitution.And allow these sub agencies to establish laws to control every facet of your private life and remove any notion of private proprty or personal responsability.


Divide the population into groups based on gender , race, religion, income, and age, amplify and aggravate their differences to promote animosity and prevent any unification.


The military would have to be downsized, de-funded, and demoralized. Any sign of strength could be perceived as a source of pride. You would also have to cause active service personel to question if their mission is just, and supported . Make sure they know their sacrifices are for an ungratefull nation.

Portray them as murderers, rapists, and psychopathic mercenaries.

Down play the character traits instilled in our veterans , like selfless service , loyalty, integrity, duty, honor, and esprit de corp. those traits are not taught anywhere else and large numbers of people with this level of character will be very difficult to dominate.


Infiltrate the major media sources to control the message,and cover your blunders with distractions, false crisis to instill fear of uncontrollable events, then , use panic to control the masses. Make the public believe that they are helpless and need protection from whatever could possibly happen to them. The media would be very helpful with establishing a scapegoat for anything that might go wrong. Keep a bureaucracy where no one is responsible for anything they do.

Publicly ridicule and try to humiliate anyone who attempts to stop you or expose you, call them terrible names and accuse them of bad things , this will keep your subjects off balance and on the defense.


For the few that are unaffected by these steps and still choose to resist you must disarm them to eliminate any possible threat of a coup, then apprehend them in the name of public safety and to discourage any further disobedience.


Did I miss anything? Is that a great way to destroy a country or what?

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Did I miss anything? Is that a great way to destroy a country or what?

Just the most important part, How to repair the damage organized denial created orchestrating the progress of societal evolution down the philosophy of nobody can know everything it takes to correct absolute power getting corrupted absolutely in every social justification a character role has the right to take liberties away from anyone not performing to legal, moral, and ethical codes of silencing understanding self containment completely.

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If it is this obvious, and this true, why do I feel like there are 26 people in the whole damned country that see it. Don't care about myself, I've got three kids coming into this mess and the solution evades me.

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