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Republican Governors... Can you argrue with SUCCESS?

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When the Democrats ATTACKED Scott Walker for restricting Unions in Wisconsin... they made it sound like he was COMPLETELY on the wrong path. Now however, it's obvius that he wasnt. He, and the legisature created a more "job friendly" environment in Wisconsin, and Wisconsin is creating jobs, and growing once again...


Similar success stories in Florida, Texas and Colorado... at the same time, States such as New York, California, and Illinois (bastions of Democrat politics and policies) are losing jobs... and BUISINESSES... some, to the very same states, run by Republicans, that are being FRIENDLY to Buisinesses and encouraging them to relocate... In Illinois, some high profile Democrats are even JUMPING SHIP, and supporting the Republican for Governor... after noting the successes in surrounding states by Conservative Republican Governors, and Conservative policies...




BUT, the Democrats can't be convined that OVER TAXING buisinesses will not "create" income... if you DRIVE those busuinesses somewhere else...


Question for liberals: Why do liberals support placing larger and larger taxes on things like Cigarettes? Answer: Because it will discourage people from buying cigaretes and smoking...


So, why is it so hard for you guys to understand that if you WANT more jobs, and buisnesses to operate in YOUR state, and ADD to the state coffers... that TAXING the CRAP out of them MIGHT not be the best approach to accomplishing that... Just a thought.

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It's REALLY tough to argue with success... especially when the Governor of one of THE most successful States (Texas) is making the rounds to Califoirnia, and New York,and making a pitch for them to COME TO TEXAS... and Many are GOING !!

I will not vote the Texas Governor for Pres. A G.W. Clone he is. Now your post is on point. Do not try and push this guy.

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I will not vote the Texas Governor for Pres. A G.W. Clone he is. Now your post is on point. Do not try and push this guy.


No, actually, I wouldn't vote for him for president either... He's been a good governor, but I don't think he's "Presidential" material...


BUT, it's all to my point... IF you have the correct (Conservative) mindset... you don't have to be a rocket scientist to IMPROVE things... and if you are "intelligent" and DON'T have the right mindset... YOU'LL STILL screw things up !!

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