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Harry Reid violates federal law

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I am sure Harry will cooperate because "we are a nation of laws"


Harry Reid using tax dollars to fight Koch brothers, La. GOP chair charges


The head of the Louisiana GOP filed a federal ethics complaint Wednesday against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, claiming the Nevada Democrat has misused taxpayer money for campaign purposes ahead of the 2014 midterm elections as part of his ongoing crusade against GOP mega-donors Charles and David Koch.


Roger Villere, chairman of the Republican Party of Louisiana, sent a letter to the heads of the Senate Select Committee on Ethics — Sens. Barbara Boxer, California Democrat, and Johnny Isakson, Georgia Republican — calling on the lawmakers to investigate whether Mr. Reid has engaged in “campaign activities using staff, equipment and facilities paid for with public funds.”


“Specifically, Senator Reid has violated Senate rules that prohibit Members of the Senate from using websites located on the Senate.gov host-domain for partisan political campaign

purposes as well as the prohibitions regarding using official resources for political purposes,” Mr. Villere wrote. “Therefore, we respectful request that the Committee investigate Senator Reid’s misuse of taxpayer resources and sanction him appropriately.”


Mr. Villere highlighted an April 9 post titled “The Facts About the Koch Brothers” on Mr. Reid’s official Senate website that said, among other things, that the Koch brothers want to abolish Social Security, eliminate the minimum wage and dismantle Medicare as we know it.


Mr. Reid’s official Twitter account also blasted out a graphic “depicting tow men wearing suit jackets emblazoned with the Koch Industries Inc. logo stating, ‘Republican senators might as well were Koch insignias to denote their sponsorship.’”


“The campaign activities discussed above implicate numerous Senate runes and must be investigated,” Mr. Villere said. “If the investigation confirmed that these activities violate Senate Rules, Senator Reid must be held accountable.”


Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/apr/23/gop-reid-using-tax-funds-fight-koch-brothers/#ixzz2zleKgnq3

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Harry Reid is a Republican gift that keeps on giving. First, he embarrassed thinking Democrats every time he went to the Bush White House and came out with a ballectomy. Second, and much more important, he, along with Nancy Pelosi, handed the Democrats in 2010 the worst mid-term defeat for Democrats since 1938. Democrats kept such talent around as the party's Majority Leader in the U.S. Senate, with these notable bills passed after January 2011:


And now we have Harry Reid, long ago purchased lock stock and dust by the Nevada gaming interests, talking about ethics of all things. And Republicans? They continue to say, "Thank you, Harry Reid!"

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