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Bobs G spot post AL's answer why she was banned here

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save your homophobe and stupidity for the para-site


what did AL say ? why did Chuck ban AL ?


did she say you need to apologize to gallows ?


what are you waiting for ?


come on Bobs G spot, start a thread at the para-site telling everyone how gallows lied about why AL was banned and how gallows destroyed your life...


back it up bi+ch...


what is really sad... you didnt even make GallowsList because you didnt lie.

you were just wrong... there is a difference


so come on... libloon... lets get to the truth


did Gallows lie as you claimed ?


you need to apologize for being wrong and for being a hypocrite homophobe

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the cowards lurked...


no debunkers AL ? Bobs G spot ?




no apology ?


org turd-alert . . .

12 by bobgnote » Yesterday, 11:23 am -


its so sweet when my bi+ches start a thread about me after I slap their punk azz across both forums...

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