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A Latin based English Language

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I have been working on a language for my "United Republic of Brittania", the country I would like to make in the arctic zone :P


I don't know if it would ever catch on, but its a completely latin based language.

So I have been taking words from a list of latin words, and changing them a little bit along with their meaning... to develop a completely independent latin based language.



do you think it would ever catch on as far as being the primary language of any country made primarily of English people ?


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Why would anybody change their language. English is already a language created by several languages. First the original people in England was invaded by the Celtics and that started the modification in language. Then Rome invaded bringing Latin and put up the wall at Scotland Highlands. After the Romans left the Saxons invaded bring the German language. Later it was the Franks bringing the French language. So English has words and rules from all of those languages. And you only want to modify just the Latin words??????


Confusion would reign supreme. LOL

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