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Harley R&D

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If you buy something from HD that is motorcycle related it should be compatible. I bought a pair of motorcycle boots called Men's Brake Light Performance Boot. They still sell the boot. It is a good looking boot with zippers and hardware and exterior lacing. The exterior lacing is guided around the boot by D-rings and cloth loops. The only problem is that the D-rings scratch the drive cover on the left side of the bike. That is disheartening to look down at that big piece of chrome and see it scratched by the D-rings.


On another HD bike I had dual front disc brakes. Appently and accoding to Harley the system was so effective that it didn't require much effort to slow the bike down. The flips side of that was due to the light pressure the discs would squeal. They would squeal enough that car drivers in the other lane would look around to see what was going on. It is hard to develop a riding style that makes it look like the squealing was on purpose and if your bike didn't squeal you weren't cool. To stop the squealing you had to apply the brakes hard and release and do this until stopped. Harley could not fix the bike and they had tried different pads and different rotors. This dealer didn't let you test drive before you bought and that was another irritant.I wouldn't have bought the bike if I had a test drive and experienced the sqealing.


I bought a Road King Custom and I was particularly drawn to the bike because of the huge train looking headlight. Then I bought a HD windshield for the bike. Don't particularly care for windshields but thouught it would help on long rides. The comfort given by deflecting the wind was nice. But riding in heavy rain proved to be dangerous beyond belief. The huge headlight happens to deflect the wind above the windshield. When it rains the rain accumulates on the windshield blocking your vision.. The experience is exhilirating because you have to lean forward and reach around to the front of the windshileld to wipe the rain off so you can see the road. Now really, if you buy something from Harley it should be a pleasant experience, not irritaing and life threatening.


Harley should really spend a little cash on R&D.

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