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Time For A Laugh !!!

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C'mon Jim.. Make us laugh...


"President Obama said he is sorry that some Americans have lost their existing health coverage due to Obamacare. I think he's getting a little desperate. Today he said if you like your complete lack of coverage, you can keep your complete lack of coverage." –Jay Leno




"The Obama administration asks Hollywood to work positive mentions of ObamaCare into its TV shows and movies. So AMCs new zombie drama is titled: “The Walking Dead But Not Due to Preexisting Conditions.” –Conan O'Brien



"If you like your idiocy, you can keep your idiocy"


Obama may propose a nationwide intelligence test soon. And that will bar most all con holers from voting.


I know, that's discrimination!


Mongoloid idiots should have the same voting rights as the drooling seniors and the niggas! :P

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