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bloomberg spends 50 m

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Dems, don't support this rich ahole!


Hes the champion of NANNY GOVERNMENT in NY!


He also provides aid & comfort to the Wall Street crooks! Hin and Chuck Schumer.


This will also BOOMERANG on you, and bring out a huge # of gun nuts in the next election!!!


You cant win on the gun grabber issue, that's already been proven!


He is a THIRD WAY DEM! Not a true lib at all!!

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on gun control battles NRA. what a way to piss away 50million .

I thought you were going to say he bought a small country.

I don't support this idiot. he is the one with stop and frisk. and the soda pop ban. bloomberg is an idiot.

Bloomberg isn't a liberal or a conservative. He is a Bloomberg. He actually thinks he knows better than everyone else. He is completely self-absorbed with his money.


He needs to be punched in the vagina and told to go away.

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