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A teaching moment for libs

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Your incessant need to demonize good people who simply have a different view, who observe life and feel a different approach to policy May work better, has got to stop.


It is shameful, wrong, and counterproductive.


Please feel free to provide evidence based reasoning for your views on certain issues. Whether I agree or not, I will respect you.


Heck, I always respect you. And give you the benefit of the doubt that your heart is in the right place. I try to educate you as to why I differ, or why you are wrong. My hope is that you grow, at least to the point where you can show more respect and maturity toward diversity.


Your need to call good people heartless, racist ad nauseum is really more about you and your insecurity in your views.


Just like a religious fundamentalist. If you have no strong basis for your beliefs, one needs to demonize opposition in order to feel more secure.


Do you understand that?



STOP demonizing good people. Show some respect. Grow up. And if you don't have a strong basis for your beliefs, be open to a different view. You just might grow.

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Sounds like republicans.


WHAT? You mean they want FACTS and DATA to support obsurd claims, before they will consider or believe them?


Let's face it... Liberals are the ones who MAKE UP things, or have OPINIONS, and CLAIM them as facts... and then EXPECT everyone ot believe their obsurities...


NOT going to happen with Conservatives...

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Republican hate everybody that don't agree with them. and most of what you said can be said about both parties.

Lol. I'd like to submit Don't look now as exhibit A.


I have not seen any cons labeling liberals as heartless, or racist (unless in jest). I have seen a few call them evil which is counterproductive.

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i hear other from republican all the time. they say liberals are lazy and attack liberal all the time. in here even everything liberal is evil. lol wait around you will see it.

yeah republicans need to be more open minded.

Fine. But what you haven't done is accept your responsibility and pledge to change.

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Don't look now. Please leave this thread.


While I appreciate you demonstrating and validating the very premise of the OP. It is frustrating to see you do so ad nauseum.


In the wider political arena, repubs are not out there accusing people that disagree with them as bigots, misogynists, racist, and hateful the way Dems and their leadership are fueling hate.


You libs used to be mad at talk radio for fueling hate. But those are private citizens.


I'm talking about Dem leadership including and especially Obama fomenting these negative and hateful energies in their puppet sheep and it needs to stop.

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Mass liberty you can kiss my ass.

Al sharpton stands up for black people.. i see nothing wrong with him doing that.

He might threat you. but he don't scare me. you must be afraid.

This is a teachable moment for republicans. Just because you don't like.black people talking bad about racism. doesn't mean your a bad guy.



Completely dumbfounded by that response.


But again, thanks for proving my point.

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