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‘Homeland Security Classes’ - The real Brainwashing = Jobs or both?

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Wash. State School District Sets Up ‘Homeland Security Class’

Agency that lists military veterans as number one terror threat setting up school curriculum


Mikael Thalen


April 15, 2014


The Department of Homeland Security is partnering with a Washington state school district to recruit future employees through a new high school curriculum.


An employment application posted by Evergreen Public Schools this weekend requests a certified “Homeland Security Instructor” to steer young students into a career with the agency.


Image: DHS Instructor Application excerpt

“Instruct high school juniors and seniors in skills and knowledge leading to entry-level employment or further education in Homeland Security occupations,” the job description reads. “In-depth instruction will include theory, application and work based learning activities. The instructor will work closely with the Skills Center and administrative staff and the program advisory committee to continually upgrade the program curriculum and skills competencies (outcomes) needed by students for employment.”

The course will be overseen and shaped by the Homeland Security Advisory Committee, a group consisting of government, academia and private sector employees who provide information and security-related recommendations to the DHS secretary. Of the many requirements, applicants are informed of their duty to meet with the committee on a regular basis.

“Attend all Homeland Security Advisory Committee meetings. Actively seek consultation and advice from the advisory committee about prevailing practices, equipment, and facilities necessary for maintaining up-to-date competencies (outcomes) and up-to-date instructional program,” the application states.

The instructor will also be required to actively evaluate all students, maintaining “appropriate student records” that will be provided to “appropriate personnel.”

Specific course content is completely unavailable in the job application as well as on the Evergreen Public Schools website, which also fails to make any mention whatsoever of the upcoming class.

While there are no facts to suggest that the program is purposely being kept under wraps, the most concerning questions surround not only the lesson plan, but the district’s stance toward the agency’s many controversies.

One must ask whether the district will inform parents and students alike of the agency’s $2 million purchase of paper shooting targets depicting young children, pregnant woman, and the elderly last year. Although the target producer was forced to publicly apologize to outraged Americans, the DHS has yet to even acknowledge the outrageous acquisition.

Given the fact that former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano labeled returning military veterans as the number one terror threat in 2009, will students be shown the New York Times report where the agency trained Boy Scout Explorers to kill “disgruntled Iraq war veterans?”

Multiple DHS-funded drills throughout the country have also portrayed children and parents outside of the public school system as terrorists. In 2004, Michigan police apologized to families after carrying out a drill that consisted of homeschoolers carrying out a terrorist attack on a public school bus.

Despite the fact that Americans are far more likely to die from bee stings than terrorism, the DHS appears eager to instill baseless fear into the minds of the next generation.

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