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Farmers going on Strike ?

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About that thing in Nevada...

if the farmers want to make a stand, they should band together and go on strike, don't sell, or produce any food at all.

I hate to say it, because of from that region.. im from Philadelphia... but 8 million people in New York, and 2 million people in philly, eat literally thousands of tons of food per day... and think nothing of it, because as individuals, we don't think much of that slice of pizza.

But that slice of pizza that you have.. is tons of pizza to New York and Philly.

If the farmers went on strike, they might get some representation.

The reason why the inner cities get all the representation, is that they're all united in some way or another.

Farmers really should do the same, if they feel Under represented.






Sure, if the government controls the food it controls you... but guess what ?

when farmers control the food, they control you.

somebody controls the food, inorder to have nobody who does, perhaps a martian should control the food.

The fact is, farmers control the food, they could go on strike if they want.



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tradwinds . think home gardening . beside maybe we should stop subsidizing farms

In your vernacular of playing they, them, and those against we and us, whom are you to speak for everyone else within the soul of a single mindset? Sounds a little self anointing.

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They are united. Black and criminals. Who cares if the ghetto dwellers starve? The country would be better off. Think of the welfare money we would save. The gov. could never farm. They can't deliver mail. I live in a small, armed to the teeth, town. I have enough food for 4 months. Veggies will come up soon. The global warming caused snow that fell last night might slow growing a day. Lots of lakes and ponds around here. Will do more fishing.

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the food is so polluted with sugar, salt and preservatives, its really better to learn to grow your own and learn canning . that way you know what is in it . I'm not a health nut but our water has estrogen and proscription drugs in it fertilizer and other nasty's . sweeten to hide it . can vegetables have harmful preservatives and stuff . if I could get away with raising my own chicken here in the city I would.


sole results what ever gibberish your posting ? I have to confess is beyond my understanding , there have fun with that statement .


threats from sellouts to big food conglomerates don't worry me , the industry is playing with our health , they lobbied to allow sacrin to be used in soda , the FDA calls sacrin a poison .

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