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heres some news that qwill warm the hearts of conbaggers

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a new trend in baseball , a lack of black players . St.Louis cardinals Arizona diamondbacks and one other teem has no black players .

seems not enough ball fields for kids to learn and develop

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I agree. A quota system is very stupid.

the last thing we would want to do is make up for 200 yrs of racism and bigotry and discrimination in non sports jobs, right?


you white supremacists are scared to death that you might have to compete for once

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I'm more conservative than liberal, but if every single sports figure was Black because they had superior talent then the orange or green guy/gal next to them...I'm all for it. Your position in life should be based upon education/skills, behavior and merit. This is just another liberal Shyt-starting thread with the same, tired premise to it. So old and tired that I don't even care to type it.



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