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Stepping On Toes With This Message

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Stepping On Toes With This Message


Stepping On Toes With This Message
26 March 2014
- by Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman -
I know many Constitution Party supporters are listening to conservative commentators and are involved in a number of patriotic groups. I urge you to be educated and motivated on the issues — and to “serve in the trenches” with like-minded civic activists. Local organizations, such as right to life organizations, Second Amendment rights clubs, immigration reform groups, etc., are the best place for political action — and to recruit friends and members for the Constitution Party.
However, I believe that there should be limits to your loyalties on the national level.

Some organizations, and their leaders, are making a lot of money from grass roots activists who send in $25 and $50 gifts. A lot of money. And often the expenditures far outweigh the impact. Here are some examples:

  • One conservative media star hauls in $70 million annually … another earned $90 million last year – more than Oprah Winfrey. That same broadcaster was paid a flat fee of one million dollars to raise money for a national Tea Party operation (which has no local affiliates), but his efforts only netted the group $850,000 … after expenses.
  • A conservative “think tank” president earns a million dollars a year, plus benefits.
  • In 2012, political consulting companies — media, fundraising, direct mail and others — grossed almost $470 million: about one in three dollars of what Americans donated leading up to election day.
Then there are those slick Political Action Committees.
One organization spent $585,000 on fundraising expenses last year but donated just three percent, $19,000, on it’s stated mission: financing conservative candidates. Another operation took in an astonishing $2.1 million, mainly from small donors like you and I, but contributed just six percent of its earnings to political campaigns — the rest was shelled out in salaries and on “expenses.” One immigration reform PAC raised $560,000, and spent only $10,000 supporting candidates.
It’s a long list.
My point here is to make wise investments with your hard earned money. I may be stepping on some toes, but I’ve been burned too many times by patriotic-sounding solicitations only to find out my money is being spent on high-priced consultants, lavish salaries, and astronomical overhead. I’m sure you have too.
The Constitution Party has one agenda: to education and motivate fellow citizens about the practicalities of a government guided by the ideals and ideas of the Founding Fathers. We train and promote candidates who believe in the Constitution. That’s the measure of our work. Our modest budget stretches a long way because we have no high-powered consultants and professional political operatives on the payroll. (Although I’m pleased to report several people who have expert credentials are volunteering their time and talent).
The 2014 election season has begun. That’s why your gift of $20, $30, $40 or even $50 is so important right now. For example, we have dynamic candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor in Alaska — and they’ve just embarked on an all-out petitioning drive to get on the ballot. I’m very enthusiastic about their grass roots campaign. I will report on that effort in our next newsletter (please review what’s happening in other states in our current newsletter — and please post it on Facebook).
Our grass roots network of patriots is the source of the Constitution Party’s strength. Our party is built from the bottom up, so the most responsibility, accountability — and the most political action — is at your doorstep.
Please get involved in your local and state party, and be generous with a contribution to our national effort, as we continue to coordinate the platform, principles, and candidates of the Constitution Party.
Remember, an investment of $25 or $50 goes much further with the Constitution Party than any other of those Washington D.C.-based fundraising groups.


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All campaign contributions are just a racket to.make money off small donors. the rich buy the candidates always has always will. we have them in our pocket. this year Im going to put my money on buying some republicans. they are a greedy little bunch. but money buys free speech nos a days so i should at least bend a republican in my way of thinking.

Don't waste your money on any Globalist New World Order D or R's!


They could care less about what you think! They will take your money, then toss you aside like a used pop bottle!


I have a friend who gets support for petitions, referendums, and recall campaigns, and he is a major US player.


By going this route, you can get your own pet agenda on the ballot! Much better!

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