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REAL Racism in America... Fact? or Fiction?

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Let me also define "real" as: Racism that can actually impact and prevent a minority person from achieving their goals and dreams...


I am a White male, and have lived across the country over my 50+ years, from Pennsyvania, to illinois, to California... I can HONESTLY say I have NOT seen much racism in my life, or bias against minorities... except for an occaisional comment... often more rooted in frustration, than hate.


From MY perspective, I listen to the allegations made by many of todays black leaders, and wonder WHAT the heck they are talking about... In MY life, my parents (blue collar) put me thru college, during a period when many blacks were getting massive tuition waivers and grants (my room mate was one of many during that period, so I KNOW)... most of them flunked out within a couple semesters (because they liked pot better thab studying)... but they had a WONDERFUL opportunity... and I don't know whose fault THAT was except THEIRS... Affirmative action and VARIOUS preferences for minorities have been around for years... and THAT seems to be more REVERSE racism than anything... but yet, talk of "racism" and the "Race" card persists.


It seems to me that there is more effort to INFLAME the race argument, given ANY opportunity (by black leaders, Liberalsand Democrats) in order to maintain their power and influence over (in this example) over the black community... but it is NOT based in REAL Racism, but more an effort by a small group who want to pour gas on the flames, for THEIR political benefit... and is MORE HARMFUL than anything...


Am I wrong? I REALLY don't know how these issues can EVER be addressed, UNLESS they are brought out into the open and HONESTLY discussed... "POLITICAL CORRECTNESS" be damned.

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Nope. You are spot on.


Not only that but I spend a lot of time in South Carolina and Boston.


In the south, there is quite a bit of harmony between all people and black and white.


In Liberal Boston, there is a sense of superiority and hostility toward blacks from the liberal elite.


It's night and day.

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Oblameo is the first black president. Libs, dems, and socialists are invested in this amature. The first black president must succeed. Much hope was put in the hands of this man. He was afforded the benefit of the doubt by the people. It was in the interests of the nation that he make his name in history. He did not succeed and will not succeed. He is an incompetent ideologue. The people that were so hopeful have now seen the failures in both the man and his policies. The people know that his failures have nothing to do with his race. Libs know he failed but they must support the policies that do not work. The failure of the policies that libs adore is the reason that the racism card is played. Libs have to find a reason to absolve the first black president for his incompetence and his failed agenda. If his agenda is wonderful and the man is brilliant in the application of getting his agenda into law then the only reason for his colossal failure has to Racism. Racism has never been the issue with the people. They elected oblameo twice. The issue is his agenda. His agenda has failed and so has the man.

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400 filibusters and they made sure this was a slow recovery

Can't have a black president succeed.


How can you say that... Obama had BOTH the house and senate for the first TWO years, he got all the stimulus, the bailouts, and aid packages passed he wanted... THEN, he passed Obamacare using a "trick" that ticked a lot of people off... and he (and the dems) then got scehllacked (sp) in the mid term elections because he REALLY started looking like the Socialist he is... BUT, his Stimulus, his bail outs and aid packages never really got the ECONOMY going, and since the mid terms... Republicans have been trying to keep the country from diving head long into Socialism...


I would say HE turned on the country, rather than the country turning on him..

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When oblameo's term is over his legacy will be one of failure, incompetence, and deceit. There will be no mention of Racism when historians write the oblameo story. The narrative will describe his inability to compromise, his lack of a foreign policy, his insufficient knowledge of economics and some of the most damaging lies ever told to the American public. Historians will not be kind to a man who so many believed in. Here, the blame of Bush, Racism and GOP plots against oblameo will go on and on. Diehard libs will never admit that the first black president has failed. Libs have been blaming everything and everyone for oblameo's own incompetence. It is disappointing that libs have devolved to the racism blame game.

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No he is the racist you say don't exist.

Its like the drug war in some aspects. drugs are not gone they are just hidden better.


No one ever said there were'nt ANY... but the society, it's leaders and it's policies have changed DRAMATICALLY over the last 50 years... I don't think the ramblings of a few, REALLY affects the ability of minorities and blacks to live free and succeed... if they want to.

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they bailed out big business then stopped to see what would have or shake out. then lost the super majority over obamacare and then four hundred filibuster in four years.

208 weeks in four years 400 filibusters in that time. and congress is only in session for six months of the year. so that's 104 weeks. so that's four filibusters in that time.

A little less than one a day.

How are you to have an agenda.


MOST would say Obamas efforts of the first TWO YEARS, increased the debt by $5 TRILLION, and didn't really improve the economy... They try to point to the U3 unemployment number as 'proof" of improvement, but after 5 years with a crappy economy, many more have stopped looking... which would make the U6 unemployment number more appropriate... but you NEVER hear about THAT one, because it's around 13%..


With THAT track record, I'm GLAD they have slowed Obamadown... FOR US, it's not about causing Obama to fail, but trying to keep obama from doing more HARM !!

So how are you supposed to have a coherent agenda when nothing gets passed because you don't have a super majority?


Stick around that racism is still live and well on this forum from the right Wing.


You look at a reaction to his FAILED Economic policies, and see a Republican desire for Democrats NOT to be allowed to double down on past FAILED policies, and say it's Racsm... If his initial policies would have worked, I might agree. BUT, they did not.

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The rich really came back in a big way. the stock market doubled the housing market is stable we didn't.lose one of our biggest car manufactures in the world. excuse me the largest car manufacture in the world. and the only thing lagging that has been filibustered to death has been employment.

Your not going to see blatant racism in America no more. just on little places like this.


YOU are a FOOL...


Yes, the stock market dubled while the economy grew at an average of about 2% or less (which is anemic)... It tells you that the stock market is a shell game right now... it's being pumped up by BILLION of $$$ being pumped into it by the fed, and when the fed pulls the plug on its QE program (could be soon)... you DON"T want to be in it... BUT, when it happens, it will be the average investors that will get hurt... the banks will be OUT, will bank their profits, and I believe people will be calling it "Bank Bail Out #2"...


As far as GM... it COUL HAVE and SHOULD HAVE gone thru managed bankruptcy WITHOUT the Government pulling the strings (which is all that happened anyway)... and THAT was AFTER Obama flushed Billions down the toilet trying to prop them up... In the end, GM still went thru bankruptcy... THAT's the bottomline... AND, NOTHING Obama did improved jobs AT ALL...


Like it or not, you LOVED the Senate ruled when Liberals stopped everything GW Bush wanted to do from 2000 thru 2004... INCLUDING reforming Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac (which COULD have mitigated the 2008 financial meltdown)... but you HATE it now... and call it RACIST..









There is a LOT of TRUTH to that even today... maybe ESPECIALLY today...


However, until we ALL get past the name calling, and deal with the REAL Problems... NOTHING will ever change...

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