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Who did 911?

911 perpetrators  

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  1. 1. Who do you think did 911?

    • Inside Job (Neocons, CIA, Military Industrial Complex) Cold war replacement.
    • Osama bin laden and Al Qaeda (hating our freedom).
    • Other

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Who do you think was behind 911?


1. Was it an inside job?

After the Cold War... powerful politicians, CIA, military industrial complex actors lost significant power.

Some believed that the Cold War enabled the US to play a more active international role... for the good of the world and for the benefit of the American people. Others simply were making a lot of money...with this eternal enemy.

They needed a new enemy in order to continue to exert their influence and in order to maintain huge profiteering.


2. Was it Al Qaeda and Osama?

They hate the west and our freedom loving ways. They wish to impose their dogma etc.


3. Was it someone else?

Israel has been suggested... however powerful Israeli actors could be said to be part of the first group mentioned.

Anyone else?



It was certainly a very strange day. US defences were surprisingly non existent. Buildings did seem to do strange things.

We all did seem to know who did it before any investigation was even mentioned.


Lets try a poll without any explanation.


I do not wish this to become a big debate... just wish to see what the consensus is... out there 13 years later in Americaland.





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cartoon 9/11 was done by british intelligence . they recruited people from Sadie youth . they planed it and financed it .


it was one more attempt to take over America like the war of 1812 . England is the real terrorist country

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