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if anyone has signed up for aca tell us about it, no trolls plz....

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One doesn’t sign up for ObamaCare (the affordable Care Act). I’m assuming you are meaning signing up for insurance through the health insurance exchange.


Actually everyone who has health insurance in the USA is signed up for ObamaCare.


At the beginning of this year, when many of the new rules went into effect my rate stayed the same but my benefits increased. Imagine that. Rather than all that money going to the heads of insurance companies more is going to cover my health care.

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I think gallows said he was an IT professional...

no.. I never said that...


when you say the baby's family got 100% subsidy, do you mean something other than welfare ?


in calif we call it "aid to families with dependent children" and "medical"

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I remember stitches saying he works/worked for the state and that his HC didnt change because of oblamercare.


I assume that is because he is already on single payer, if not, I wonder if his plan will change when oblamercare fizzles out into single payer

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Your subsidy is being paid for by someone else. CBO says oblameocare will cost 1 Trillion over 10 years. Good Luck. For me I am on the soon to go bust Medicare. It will not happen during my lifetime but there will be nothing left after the boomers get done with it. I have BC/BS that you pay %90 of the premium costs. I pay absolutely nothing in out of pocket expenses. I just had surgery that cost $26,000 and bills are still coming. My estimate is when it is over it will be about $32,000. Thank you. In my lifetime of paying into Medicare (Reagan threw in the fed. gov. in 1983) i paid in less than the surgery I just had. My total cost for the finest medical care in the nation (i live in Mass.) with ZERO out of pocket expenses is $106 per month Medicare and $190 per month BC/BS. $296 total. Disabled Veteran care for injuries sustained in combat is free. Before you demdopes say I am subsidized I worked 41 years for the feds and healthcare in retirement is part of the deal. Just like your hero oblameo. You are forced by law to be in Medicare. You must pay in during your work life and you MUST take the benefit when you turn 65. Medicare is a good example of why oblameocare will never work. Just keep paying in. I and the rest of the baby boom need a lot of care. 10,000 a day are retiring. Thanks again.

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