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Obamacare a SCAM!

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Federal "exchange" website has no "back end"! When you sign up on the Federal website and click "submit" NOTHING HAPPENS! There's no mechanism built into the software to connect you to ANY insurance companies AT ALL! The only thing you're doing is making a "donation" to the US Treasury Department!


Furthermore, when you sign up on the State exchanges, if you're one of the very few to actually get an actual policy (in which case your State web designer is FAR smarter than the COMPLETE FRICKIN' MORONS THAT OBAMA HIRED) either there are no doctors who will accept the insurance, or there are no hospitals that will...either way, YOU'RE SCREWED!!



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The entire agenda is based on the disruption of America. You'd have to be livin in a cave on Mars to not notice. We are now in the shiit. This man and his circle of cretins, are the very worst administration in the recorded history of the USA. I hope being an Obama supporter isn't a reflection of a person's intelligence; but unfortunately, it probably is.

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Listening to the radio yesterday...3 DIFFERENT SHOWS all reported the same thing. As for sources, will be efforting that later this weekend after I decompress and spend time with the family.


The one that struck me the most was a gentleman who signed up for Obastardcare through the Federal exchange when it first opened up (took him WEEKS with all of the computer glitches), paid his first couple of premiums. Went to his doctor for a routine checkup, doc found something suspicious, sent him to the hospital for tests, they found cancer, began treatments, started getting the bills, OVER $400,000.00 so far and NO RECORD OF ANY INSURANCE!! Tried calling Obastardcare and they were like "oops, sorry, there's nothing we can do".


Oh, and 5x5, $400.00 a month...EACH...with a $6k deductible? REALLY?" You can do better than that with Blue Cross/Blue Shield!!


BTW, anybody surprised by this has to be wrong in the head...If you'll recall, one of the "problems" before Obastardcare was that you can't buy insurance across State lines. If your State isn't participating in the exchanges and you go to the Fed site, exactly where are they going to get your insurance from? DC? You HAVE to get insurance from your own home State, that's FEDERAL LAW, so what are they doing on the Federal exchange...ignoring the law?? Are they finding you insurance in your State? OOPS! Your State isn't participating so that's not the case! WHERE ARE THEY ALLEGEDLY GETTING YOUR INSURANCE FROM?



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