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Israel - The only

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Israel is the only country in the middle east where gays can be themselves ?

Guess what ? it isn't the only country in the world where gays can be themselves, and Europe, Japan and Canada are much richer, and more powerful trading allies. :)



But here is Israel.




The only Westernized Country in the world that :


Violates the Geneva conventions

Relies on corrupting the politicians of other countries to achieve their goals

Still supported South Africa's apartheid, by 1987

Supports the denial of healthcare to American citizens

Attacked the USA after world war 2, by the year 1967


Ever got away with an attack on US soil, by way of an excuse, and a payment, especially significant, is that 1967 was well within the days of popular racism, and hot heads against minorities


Supports the GOP and its policies, outside of the Southern USA.


Is governed by Religion


Is entirely dependent on foreign aid


Builds illegal settlements for its civilian population to live in, on militarily occupied territory in foreign lands

(it would be like the USA building a city for use by American civilians, in downtown Baghdad)



And guess what ?


Its NOT the only country in the middle east where gays can be themselves, Israel is governed by mob rule, where they can vote for absolutely anything, including the execution of gays, and its governed by religious Jewish extremists.


and LIKE the rest of the middle east, women are heavily discriminated against.

Women must sit in the back of the bus, on a public bus, or be the victim of violence and abuse.


and LIKE any poor country in the world, there is nothing there to do.


There is 1 Amusement park, in the whole country of Israel... and it is centered around religion.




so f)uck Israel !

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Look it.


I had no idea there was nothing to do there. Sounds like you've been there - did you at least get to tour the house where Jesus grew up? I figured it would have killer kitchen cabinets and hand scraped wide plank floors, what with all the carpentry skill floating around the house.


Did you see anybody smoking weed there?


Btw, does the one amusement park have any scary rides and stuff? Was there one where you get pretend-crucified? Oh man, that would be cool! Or, you're on a cross and it free falls about 60 feet and then swings through a giant arc of the covenant. With Hebrew signs that say how tall you have to be to get on the ride. Or a water slide where you land in a fake Jordan river and get baptized! lol. By a dude named John!


Or at the very minimum, a ride where you dodge rockets fired by guys dressed up as Hamas dudes.


I'm the kind of person who can have fun even in a place where there's only one amusement park though. Like one time, I went to Disney Land and that place sucked SOO bad, but then I went to Knotts Berry Farm and bingo - that was the fun place to be and nobody really knew about it.

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